Obama’s Speech: Reaction

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Israel says it hopes the speech will lead to a “new era of reconciliation” with the Arab world.”

In Gaza, they liked that he quoted the Koran, but want to see action not just words.

The speech showed that the president is a conciliator, not a warrior.

Obama spoke fervently about the creation of a Palestinian state while also stressing that the U.S.-Israeli bond was unbreakable. This was the topic many Muslims waited for, and Obama, as in much of the speech, turned to history and how it resonated but said that the world must not be bound by it.


He said denying the Holocaust is “baseless, it is ignorant and it is hateful.” But he quickly noted that “it is also undeniable” that the Palestinians have suffered for a homeland. He again firmly called for a halt to the expansion of Israeli settlements, but he also said Palestinians should follow the course of nonviolent protest, such as was practiced by blacks in America and South Africa, to achieve their aim.


Iran said Obama’s “sweet talk” wasn’t enough.  (Funny isn’t that what American conservatives say?)

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas: “The part of Obama’s speech regarding the Palestinian issue is an important step under new beginnings. … This is the beginning of a new American policy and this policy is creating a new atmosphere to build the Palestinian state.” – Nabil Abu Rdeneh, a spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. (Above, Palestinians are seen watching the speech).

“This vision is so out of touch with reality. … You can have your speechwriters find every good thing a Muslim has every done. But more modern history is that the Muslim world is at war with the Western world.” – Aliza Herbst, 56, a spokeswoman for Yesha, the West Bank settlers’ council.

“It’s one of the most important speeches ever delivered, a key speech for changing the climate in the Middle East. Israel will make a big mistake if it ignores it.” – Yuli Tamir, a dovish Israeli lawmaker.

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