Sotomayor: The Race Is On

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The pathetic and sickening display of racism and sexism against Sonia Sotomayor is accompanied by either ignorance, to be benign, or willful smears at non-whites.  The latest attacks involve her involvement with the group “La Raza”, which former Congressman Tom Tancredo compares to the KKK.

La Raza, which takes its name from a 1925 essay, La Raza Cósmica(The Cosmic Race), by the late Mexican philosopher and Secretary of Education José Vasconcelos Calderón, refers to the concept that we are all one race, one humanity, the very opposite idea from the one its detractors attempt to portray.  Al Giordano puts it beautifully (h/t Hoffmania): 

The big point of the term “la raza” is to say that no race is superior to any other and to suggest that humankind can only achieve its full potential if it rejects the theories of racial purity and pedigree and instead combines the cultures and DNA of all its races, as has occurred more rapidly in Latin America than in other parts of the world. Vasconcelos, in reality, formulated the highest expression of anti-racism for his era and including up to the present.

It’s remarkable that the agenda against Sotomayor is so intense that they can confuse racism with anti-racism.  You’d think the worry is that with a Latina on the court, the country will immediately stop guarding its boarders and allow anyone who wants to come here to enjoy the fruits of our nation.  Come to think of it, that’s not a bad idea.

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