Neo Con Blames Saddam For OKC Bombing

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You can’t make this stuff up.  Frank Gaffney, a Bush defender of the very first order, who heads the Center for Security Policy, was asked by Chris Matthews if he could defend Ari Fleischer’s comment that we should be thankful to George W. Bush that Saddam Hussein can’t attack us “again”. 

FLEISCHER: … and I believe this still today. And of course, you and I disagree with it. But after September 11, having been hit once, how could we take a chance that Saddam might not strike again? And that‘s the threat that has been removed, and I think we‘re all safer with that threat being removed.

Gaffney not only defended Fleischer’s contention, he took it a step further.

MATTHEWS: The polling that took place before we attacked, conducted by “Time” and CNN, showed that 72 percent of the American people, nearly three quarters, believed it was likely that Saddam Hussein was involved in the attack on us 9/11. How do you think they got that idea, that somehow going to war with Iraq was getting even for 9/11?


GAFFNEY: Well, as I said, he kept saying that he was going to try to get even against us for Desert Storm, so it wouldn‘t be unreasonable for people to conclude maybe that that‘s what he was doing. There‘s also circumstantial evidence, not proven by any means, but nonetheless some pretty compelling circumstantial evidence of Saddam Hussein‘s Iraq being involved with the people who perpetrated both the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center and even the Oklahoma City bombing.

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