Why Don’t More Women Listen To Talk Radio?

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New Majority has an interesting piece by writer Danielle Crittenden on why women don’t listen to talk radio.


For a long time I listened to Rush: I enjoyed his intelligent criticism of liberal policies; his bracing energy; his sense of humor.



However, over the past few years, I found myself joining the female majority and changing stations when these shows came on. At first I thought I was doing so because, as a mother of three, I didn’t need another person in the car yelling at me. Then, when I’d force myself to listen, I felt like I was trapped in an elevator with someone whose ego squished me up against the doors: when they weren’t boasting about their moral courage or superior worldviews, they seemed to take everything that was happening politically as a personal slight–or achievement, depending on what it was (Electoral victory? All thanks to my listeners! Electoral defeat? The people were denied my message by the liberal media!). That is, when they weren’t trying to sell me a Sleep Number Bed. I’m sure many male listeners have tuned out for the same reasons.


But maybe this type of personality is just innately more off-putting to women. As women, we know this type of man. We may have dated this type of man. Lord knows, we may have married and divorced this type of man. But however we may have come across him we know this much: We want to get to our floor and leave the elevator as quickly as possible.


Funny how women may seemed turned off to this type of personality.  But this is a conservative website, and Mona Charen, Margaret Hoover, and Betsy Hart, all conservatives, weigh in.  What I want to know is, why don’t more liberal women listen to talk radio, either?  Why is talk radio a male province.  Right-wing alpha males aren’t the only personality types on the air.  Is Oprah the only personality that can attract women in large numbers?  What would it take to even out the gender distribution of radio listening?

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