Limbaugh: Liberalism Is Psychosis, Not Ideology

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Preaching, as usual, to the choir, another icon of conservatism uses the CPAC platform to bash Obama in particular and liberals in general. 

It is not their task, it is not their right to remake this nation to accommodate their psychology. I sometimes wonder if liberalism is not just a psychosis or a psychology, not an ideology. It’s so much about feelings, and the predominant feeling liberalism is about is feeling good about themselves. And they do that by telling themselves they have all this compassion.

Conservatives are desperate to maintain their audiences and stay relevant after the party, the candidates, and the most recent president they supported have proven to be abysmal failures.  The policies and the officials they’ve advocated have left America morally bereft and financially broke.  And, yet, they have the nerve to act self-righteous and tell their minions how much they fear for their nation now that they’ve lost power.  And that’s all it is to them: power.  They live in fear that Obama and Democrats will succeed, leaving them even more marginalized than they already are, and out of power for years to come.

Watch, below, as Limbaugh justifies his desire to see Obama fail because the “Democrat” Party wished Republicans and the wars they started to fail.  It’s Democrats, he avers,  who destroy reputations and character.  Then, playing the victim, he states, “We’re under assault from within…and it’s a serious, serious, battle.”

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