Palin and Ayers

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Has a nice ring to it, no?  The man conservatives loved to demonize during the presidential campaign, the man Sarah Palin tried to use as exhibit A in the argument that Obama was “palling around with terrorists“,  says he sent a note to the former VP candidate suggesting they do a talk show called “Pallin’ Around With Sarah and Bill”.  But, in spite of Palin’s obvious love of the spotlight, Bill Ayers says he hasn’t heard back.


According to Ayers, Obama’s election was “a strike against white supremacy.” But, he says, his victory doesn’t change the fact that “40 percent of black kids under 5 live in poverty.”


He also says that while he considers himself a radical, he believes Obama is “a moderate Democrat.”


“If you look at his record, it’s the record of a moderate, who indeed does know how to make compromises,” Ayers told the [New York Times Sunday] magazine.

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