Palin’s “Donated” Clothing Sitting In Trash Bags

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In spite of the Republican promises to donate Sarah Palin’s expensively-bought clothing to charity, the $180,000 wardrobe is sitting in trash bags at RNC headquarters, reports NewMajority.

While Palin followed through on her promise to return her controversial wardrobe after the election, it seems the RNC has not followed through on its promise to give most of the clothes away.


When taken to task for not dressing like the soccer mom she purported to be, Palin said the clothes belonged to the RNC, not to her, and that they would be returned at the end of the campaign.  The duds would be given to charity, and the clothing not worn would be returned to retailers, we were told.


The fact that the clothes have not been donated or publicly accounted for, however, has angered some big donors – who want to know exactly how their money was spent, and who are already enraged by the extravagant wardrobe figure. They say it’s time for the RNC to air its dirty laundry, if you will.



“Has the party not learned their lesson?” a source who raises significant funds for the party said in response to the news of the undonated clothing. “First they make a colossal mistake of judgment by even agreeing to squander the party’s resources on these clothes and then compound the error by failing to properly dispose of them. If they think donors are going to sit by and simply accept this they are mistaken.”


Did the RNC hope this would all go away after the campaign?  This is the kind of mismanagement that got the country in trouble in the first place.

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