God Tells Pat Robertson America Will Accept Socialism

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America is headed for Socialism, and also an economic rebound under Barack Obama.  That’s what Pat Robertson says God told him.  The preacher told his “700 Club” audience that the stock market will start to rebound by the second quarter.


“I say with humility, I hope I’ve heard the Lord. I spend time praying and asking him for wisdom and if there’s a mistake, it’s not his fault, it’s mine,” Robertson said.


Robertson said on New Year’s Day that “nothing will stand in the way of a plan by Obama to restructure the economy in the same fashion as the New Deal in the ’30s,” according to videotaped comments aired on Friday’s show.




Robertson said on Friday that with a New Deal-style initiative, “you’re federalizing many of the things you’re doing. And it’ll be the largest transfer of power to Washington since the ’30s, but people are just willing to accept it because the pain has been so bad.”


Hey, don’t laugh.  His predictions for 2008 were that oil would hit $150 a barrel (it got up to $147 last summer) and that gold would hit $1000 an ounce, which it did in March.  He predicted a stock market crash, a recession and more world violence and chaos (okay, the last one was easy).


On Friday, Robertson said God told him Islam was losing its grip on Muslims repelled by the violence and bloodshed of a “religion of hate.”


He also said Russia would create a multinational coalition to gain control of Middle Eastern oil supplies.


I wouldn’t bet against Pat Robertson.

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