Bush Continues To Shirk Reponsibility For His Actions

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Whatever happened to “The Buck Stops Here”?  It’s certainly not part of the Bush playbook.   Speaking with Candy Crowley, President Bush once again blames intelligence failures for Iraq, but says it’s a global failure, not specific to the United States.

h/t Think Progress

CROWLEY: Did you find out what went wrong? Was it a matter of interpretation? Or, was it a matter of just bum information?

BUSH: I think it was just bad analysis. But, it wasn’t just our CIA. It was intelligence services all over the world that believed the same thing.

And, while we’re at it, where the heck is my White House Christmas party invitation?  Should I pull a Hasselbeck?   Her invitation finally arrived after she complained she wasn’t invited, saying, “Maybe I didn’t do enough for the Republican Party this year.”

Hey, don’t my taxpayer dollars pay for that shrimp, too?  I suppose I could make a big stink about it, but then I’d have to travel to DC, arrange to do my shows by remote, stay in a hotel,  and spend maybe six seconds standing next to the president for a photo. So, who am I kidding that this is such a great thing?  Maybe,  just as many companies have done, including my own, this would be a year not to have a government sponsored Christmas party, especially since it’s on our dimes.

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