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Its nice to know that a place called “Liberaland” can attract so many who don’t like liberals in general or me in particular.  That some of you come here and say the things you say is a source of great amusement.  Among some recent postings:

You are a complete total moron and loser. When you are on with Hannity I have to change the channel. You make me puke. Obviously you are a screaming gay freak like Matthews in love with OHitler. Because no one other than a love sick delusional freak would worship OHitler illogically like you do. You are a wart on America and an embarrassment to journalism. OHitler will lose and you will have to take your freaky homo-erotic crap elsewhere. Maybe Biden will be available you nutjob. Bite me. I hate you.

NOVEMBER 1ST, 2008 AT 9:31 PM

Alan you PUKE! You crossed waaay over the line trying to connect Senator McCains first marriage to Obama’s Half-Aunt situation.

NOVEMBER 2ND, 2008 AT 11:57 AM

In 1996 Ayers [the terrorist] and Hussein Obama were both members of the Socialist party of Chicago, and they are still communists:
What happens when we elect the colleague of terrorists
to the White House?
Will the terrorists get a night in the Lincoln Bedroom?
Let’s never find out.
Dear Fellow American:
We live in a world where terrorists want to destroy us. Therefore, how can YOU, with a clear conscience, elect a President with close, documented ties to a terrorist?
The future of this country will be decided in less than twenty days and YOUR choice is a friend of a known terrorist or a true patriot. In whom do you put your trust to keep your family safe from foreign and domestic terrorists?
An Obama Presidency will change your life forever – and not for the better. That’s why we have committed over a million dollars to protect you and your family from an Obama Presidency

OCTOBER 20TH, 2008 AT 2:50 PM

Alan Colmes, you make me sick. You are a disgrace to your Jewish heritage, your country, your audience and the human race in general. Excuse me while I go throw up.

NOVEMBER 1ST, 2008 AT 10:06 PM

Dear Alain Combs…you are the most stupidest person ever. Why would you be against this nice lady (the one giving Halloween candy only to McCain supporters). She is teaching children to be good americans. Any kids who eat candy and like obama are communistts. All u do is live your libberal life. u have know morals and u hate this country and the church and god and the family. all u ever do is love those HOMOS AND MINONITIES. they just want to take our mony and goof off. u wont be happy when obama takes ur money and gives it to some HOMO or mexikan who just want to live on the street. U should be more like rush or shawn hanity they r REAL americans not like UUU!!!!!
(the previous is an example of how the “conservative” media has turned some good people into…well, you know…Schliky)

NOVEMBER 2ND, 2008 AT 3:45 AM

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m happy to get the business here.  But some of you might feel more comfortable here.

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