Colin Powell Is Now Benedict Arnold In Blackface

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It is, unfortunately, no surprise that Colin Powell is being trashed for his endorsement of Barack Obama.  Now, cartoonist Gordon Campbell has put Benedict Arnold in blackface to depict Powell’s move.

“No sane person would question his patriotism toward the United States or even the Constitution and the principles of democracy,” Campbell said about Powell. “But his support of such things as affirmative action and Roe v. Wade placed him too left of center for the bulk of the GOP electorate.”


Oh yeah? Then why would a sane person make the Benedict Arnold analogy?


“As much as the word ‘traitor’ has already been bandied about this election campaign, is it fair to accuse Powell of ‘treason’ just because he endorsed a Democrat?” asked Clay Bennett, the Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist for the Chattanooga Times Free Press.


“To inject race into the accusation (as if skin pigmentation was the determining factor in the endorsement) seems to be playing to all of the ugliest sentiments being expressed by the lynch mobs that John McCain is trying to pass off as campaign rallies.”


Maybe this isn’t Campbell’s personal view, but rather his satirical look at the Republicans who are trashing Powell, accusing him of making a race-based endorsement.

Update: We invited Campbell on radio for tonight, but he declined.  He did, however, issue send this statement, which confirms that he isn’t satirizing the Republican view, but rather truly believes Obama would be a disaster for the country:


While I’m flattered (I think) by Alan’s interest in discussing my cartoon, I must decline to be interviewed on his show tonight. Since submitting my cartoon online I have been accused (among other things) of drawing it in order to have “15 minutes of fame”, an impression I am loathe to reinforce. If my cartoon is to be discussed regardless of my absence please accurately reference my statement below on this issue.


Thank you,
Gordon Campbell


Gordon Campbell’s statement regarding the “Benedict Powell” cartoon:


When I heard about the Powell endorsement of the Democrat candidate I was hardly surprised. For years now many conservatives have been suspicious of the General’s loyalties. Not to the country, mind you. No sane person would question his patriotism toward the United States or even the Constitution and the principles of democracy. But his support of such things as affirmative action and Roe v. Wade placed him too left of center for the bulk of the GOP electorate. Still, as a nominal Republican at least, he would have been overwhelmingly supported by most Republicans (indeed by most Americans) had he chosen to seek the presidency under that flag.


But after 20 years as a Republican (and professing a 25 year friendship with Sen. McCain), having served in three Republican administrations and never, to my knowledge, having publicly endorsed any Democratic or liberal candidate for president, The good general at this juncture comes forth to throw support behind probably the most left-wing person to ever seek the big seat! I find it hard to believe that someone as intelligent and politically experienced as Colin Powell could be unmindful of how an Obama administration would “change” this country, not to mention the General’s beloved military.


His endorsement of what I believe to be a disaster for America will, undoubtedly sway some to vote for Barack. He is giving political cover to a man that speaks well but says little, counts radicals, and avowed anti-Americans among his friends and who’s executive, military and foreign policy experience is practically nonexistent! The simplest and, I’m sure, the only reasonable explanation for such a public political “about-face” in the midst of this important election is that Colin Powell, perhaps understandably, wishes to see someone who looks like himself in the White House! He has surrendered to a dream that may well become a nightmare for us all!


Many on the left have called Senator Joe Lieberman worse things than traitor lately. But from my view Ol’ Joe did not abandon the Democratic party, they abandoned him. Yet I recall many Benedict Arnold references tossed his way, especially since his endorsement of long-time colleague John McCain. Were those good folk making anti-Semitic comments? Can you recall the myriad of racially charged Condi Rice cartoons and comments in recent years? Were they hateful?


Was my cartoon hyperbolic, over-the-top, out of line, unkind? Perhaps. But it’s my opinion that General Powell has based his endorsement of Barack Obama on the color of his skin, not his qualifications, his experience or the content of his character.

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