Right-Wing Talking Point Of The Day: How Dare Gwen Ifill Moderate VP Debate!

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PBS broadcaster Gwen Ifill will moderate Thursday night’s debate, but the right wing has decided the fix is in because she has a book coming out on Inauguration Day, The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama.  The book focuses on black public figures Obama, Alabama Congressman Artur Davis, Colin Powell, Newark Mayor Corey Booker and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick.

Jossip puts in in perspective:

[The Book] is a thought exercise on the “black political structure” of the civil rights movement, and outlines how that struggle led to today, where we’re moving toward racial equality. Of course, it would be author’s malpractice not to mention Barack Obama in that scenario, because he is the most visible result of that process: a black man able to run for president on a major party ticket…


So might Ifill’s book simply be about black politics, but not actually geared toward favoring Obama? Absolutely, and that’s how we imagine the final product turning out.

But if there is a “glaring conflict of interest” which the National Review suggests Republicans can use to their advantage (Poor Sarah Palin had to put up with Joe Biden AND Gwen Ifill), why did the McCain campaign agree to Ifill as a debate moderator?  In fact, Ifill’s book was a known quantity on August 21, when the McCain campaign officially agreed to the debate schedule and moderators.

Or maybe it’s that the debates and their moderators were vetted by the McCain campaign as seriously as the vice presidential pick.

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