The Story Of A Woman And Two Animals

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Lisa Altobelli, a writer for Sports Illustrated, began dating Joseph Petsca, a struggling actor and one-time minor-league relief pitcher for the Mets.  The problem was Lisa’s cat, Norman, who didn’t like Petsca very much.  Petsca seemed obsessed with getting little Norman to like him and filled his diary with entries about the hours he spent trying to get in the feline’s good graces.   On the last day of Joseph and Lisa’s six-week affair, March 27, 2007, Lisa came home to find Norman trembling and soaking wet.  Joseph was in a drunken state, threatening to microwave Norman because the cat had bitten him on the hand.  Lisa left, hoping things would calm down, but when she returned in the middle of the night, Norman was dead.  Now, Joseph is on trial and faces up to two years in prison.

The 6’2″ 210 pound Petcka told the court how he had to defend himself against a 7 3/4 pound, defanged cat who “lunged at me, throwing me on my butt by the coffee table.” Meanwhile, New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser, who was on radio with me Thursday night, says the “felonious ball of fur deserves every blow,” and that Lisa should have paid more attention to her “human beast” who’s a “hunk” of a boyfriend.

Norman never liked Petcka to begin with.  On the fatal night, Petcka and Altobelli were fighting because she was resisting spending more time with him.  She should have listened to her cat from jump street.

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