Palin For The Bridge Before She Was Against It

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Chris Wallace didn’t let McCain campaign manager Rick Davis get away with the claim that Sarah Palin was against Alaska’s Bridge to Nowhere.  She campaigned on supporting it, and then backed away only after Congress wouldn’t fund it.

h/t Think Progress


WALLACE: During her 1.5, 2 years as Governor, Alaska continued to get more federal money for pork-barrel projects per capita than any state in the country and…she supported the Bridge to Nowhere. And it was only after the federal government dropped it out, killed it, the Congress killed it that she then opposed it. And in fact she still got the money for the approach, the ramp to the Bridge to Nowhere.

Davis: Congress didn’t beat back the Bridge to Nowhere.


Wallace: But she accepted the money


Davis: That funding was in the grant and she said, “I’m not spending the money.” And what they did; they took a $500 million bridge and she turned it into $2 million ferry. And that’s what she did on her own without any help form anybody else.


Wallace: Well, actually the Congress killed the money for the Bridge to Nowhere.


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