Karl Rove Still Not Convinced That Michelle Obama Loves America

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In spite of an emotional, eloquent, and empassioned speech by Michelle Obama, Karl Rove doesn’t think she convinced America that she loves her country.

Transcript via Think Progress.


I know firsthand from their lives – and mine – that the American dream endures. […]


I stand here today at the crosscurrents of that history – knowing that my piece of the American dream is a blessing hard won by those who came before me. […]


That is the thread that connects our hearts. That is the thread that runs through my journey and Barack’s journey and so many other improbable journeys that have brought us here tonight, where the current of history meets this new tide of hope. That is why I love this country.


Rove: “I don’t think she did too well on saying, ‘I love America.’  I mean, that wasn’t adequate enough…When she got to talking about him as a community organizer…it was a very liberal litany of things in the speech and a very liberal description of what he was all about as a community organizer.  You know, I though it was a call for a union organizing drive or I’d be encouraged to join the peoples’ working brigade…

“And finally she utterly failed to help people understand  what it would be like as a first couple…I didn’t get a sense of the connectednes of the two of them…You’ve got a very sort of businesslike relationship.  I didn’t get a sense of deep warmth there.

“It struck me they were forced by the political necessities to do things like embellishing their resumes.  She talked about he fought for veterans like he fought for veterans returning home to get good jobs and good benefits.  I don’t think the American people have the sense that over the course of the last 17 months that they’ve seen Barack Obama as a legislator fighting on behalf of a piece legislation that he put his name and his brand on.”

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