Punching Holes In The FOX Stereotype

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AP writer David Bauder put out this piece on Democrats, particularly, Lanny Davis and Howard Wolfson, appearing regularly on FOX. I have had ongoing disputes with some of my fellow liberals about whether FOX should be networka-non-gratta but, ultimately, Democrats have realized it’s not in their best interests to ignore the most-watched network in cable news. Both Lanny and Howard have endured brickbats from those on the left who believe FOX is best ignored. I have been continually maligned by some who feel that they have to diminish me to make the case that FOX is one-sided.


[“Fox Attacks” filmmaker Robert] Greenwald said Fox is less interested in a genuine debate than in having someone to state positions they can easily shout down. “Without liberals and progressives to yell at, without liberal positions to make fun of, Fox doesn’t exist,” he said. (Fox spokesman Richard White called Greenwald “irrelevant” and said “his bizarre obsession with Fox News has grown stale.”)


Davis and Wolfson said they did not see that as their role, and that they believe their opinions are being sought sincerely.


“People who know me know that I’m not a shrinking violet,” Wolfson said. “I didn’t sign up to be the guy who plays the Harlem Globetrotters.”


A recent Pew study showed Fox having the most “fair and balanced” audience among cable news nets. Fulminating about Liberals on Fox doesn’t do the progressive movement any good. Embracing those who are willing to go beyond preaching to the choir is a better way to help the cause.

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