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From Extra.

  • I’ve never really been interested in politics. I’ve voted twice in my life. Its just not something that has been interesting to me at all and meeting John Edwards was interesting because in person when I met him he was very real and authentic from my perception. His public persona, what I knew of him in 2004, wasnt really that in my opinion. So I came up with this idea to help him because he was inspirational to me to be involved in politics and be so real.
  • It was a documentary series of the many sides of John Edwards and I wanted them to be not commercials, to actually show his humanity and to give the viewer access in.
  • Q- How do you do that? It seems like more of a challenge.
    Oh yeah, definitely. I was around him a lot so having a camera on him all the time I was able to capture that. Hes very real.I definitely believed I was hired because I am not interested in politics like most people in America. It was not interesting. From my perspective it was a gross environment. A lot of operatives and things arent always as they seem which is probably a positive way of saying that.
  • It was a random meeting. He was in a business meeting in New York and I was in the same place.
  • Q- What dont people know about John Edwards? You have spent a lot of time with him.
    I have and from my perspective what they dont know is how smart he is and how aware he is and how fair and open. Hes, for me what I was most in awe about was his ability to not be defensive. People say wild stuff to him day in and day out. Opinions about everything. He listens to all of it. Hes open and its an amazing thing. I dont know how many people know that about him.
  • I traveled for 6 months. It was great. We went to Africa which was an amazing experience going to Uganda. The whole experience was life altering for me.

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