Please Pass Me My Tin Foil Hat

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Glenn Greenwald has always had the best take on our Consitutional rights.  Democrats who voted to grant immunity to telecoms who spied on us, thus giving a pass to the Bush administration as well, ought to be ashamed.  It pains me that this includes Barack Obama.  This Democratic-controlled Senate couln’t get passed the Dodd amendment which would have kept the FISA bill in tact but would have eliminated the immunity provision.   They couldn’t even pass the Bingaman amendment, which would have at least have allowed the results of an audit of the telecommunication companies to be completed before granting them immunity. 

Russ Feingold has it right:


Orrin Hatch believes that if you want to stand up for the Constitution, you’re akin to someone in a tin-foil hat.


Here is the dishonor roll of Democrats who went along with the Bush administration, ignoring our fundamental rights:

Democrats voting in favor of final passage of the FISA bill: Bayh – Carper – Casey – Conrad – Feinstein – Innuoye – Kohl – Landrieu – Lincoln – McCaskill – Mukulski – Nelson (Neb.) – Nelson (Fla.) – Obama – Pryor – Rockefeller – Salazar – Webb – Whitehouse.

Shame on each of those above.

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