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I’ve incporporated some of your suggestions.

From: Alan
Sent: Friday, July 04, 2008 4:05 PM
To: Cindy
Subject: RE: fair and balance?


Thank you for taking the time to make your views known to me. I see you used capital letters only when you wanted to shout. What seems to be at the root at your disgust with me is, as you put it, my “extreme liberal views”. If someone with my same comportment were expressing concepts with which you agree, I doubt that you would be as offended.

My views on drilling are supported by the energy department of our government, the same administration many conservatives defend. They’re not views I made up out of whole cloth. Your contention that liberal views are not right is your rightfully held opinion. Opinion is what our show is about and opinion is what I’m hired to give. My opinon, not someone else’s. Because our show presents both sides, it’s not expcted that each viewer is going to agree with what is expressed. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be on the station. After all, to present only the views that make you comfortable would not be “fair and balanced”.

As for “kissing ass to the liberals”, would I be a smarter, better person if I were “kissing ass to the conservatives”? I happen to be a proud liberal, a political ideology thathas a rich history in our country. If you like, I’ll even send you a copy of my book, Red, White and Liberal and you can tell me what you think (not in all caps, I hope). Liberalism isn’t a cult any more than conservatism is. Do conservatives deserve to be accused of not having any thoughts of their own simply because I don’t agree with them? If my ideas agreed with you, wouldn’t you then be correct in telling me I have no ideas of my own?

I am not reporting the news, as you suggest. I am commenting on it. Regardless of who is in the chair opposite me, shutting my “left nut idiotic mouth” would be the opposite of what I was hired to do. And the show is called “Hannity and Colmes” with my blessing. After all, my name is the last one you hear. I’m not sure how much talent I have, as that’s quite subjective, but someone must think I have something, or instead of appearing on radio and television I’d be home by the computer writing nasty letters to those who are.

I’m sorry to hear that my “left nut mouth” and my “left nut ass” bother you so. I bet if we met in person and you actually knew me, you’d hate me only a little less.


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By: Alan

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