“Did You Hear Me Dammit?”

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From: Sander
Sent: Tuesday, July 01, 2008 5:33 PM
To: Alan
Subject: Hannity and Colmes 6/30/08

Alan, for a long time, I was able to just get a laugh at how someone could possibly be as totally stupid as you are, and be on the wrong side of the issue 100% of the time. But, you know what? It isn’t funny any more. I have grown very weary, and at the same time absolutely disgusted at people like you who openly hate America. Oh, I know you’ll say you love America, and how dare me accuse you of otherwise. The sad part is that I know that you actually believe that you love America, BUT YOU DON’T. You are an American in name only! People like you absolutely amaze me; how you are so able to so consistently take the anti-American position, despite the fact that the greatness of America is all around you.
I know how angry your ilk gets when someone accuses you of being unAmerican and unPatriotic. Do you think that I give a damn how angry it makes you, or how much you think it offends you? YOU offend ME every night with your stupid inane remarks that display your true lack of appreciation for all that was done by people, much better than you could ever hope to be, so that you have the right to be as stupid, unAmerican, and unPatriotic as you want to be. And who is your ilk? The most common descriptors are liberal, or progressive. I have my own, but since this is an email, I’ll let you imagine what they are.

Last night (just for one example) you said that “George Bush has been an abject failure in conducting the war on terror”. There’s a lot about PRESIDENT George Bush that has disappointed me; but that sure isn’t one of them. Even if nothing else, he at the very least had the cahones to declare a war on terror and take real action. That’s more than can be said about the previous administration. But there IS more. It may not matter to you that our homeland hasn’t been hit again since 9-11, or that thousands of terrorists have been killed, and dozens (maybe hundreds) of Al Qaeda leaders killed, but it damn sure matters to me and my family. And this has been accomplished despite major media repeatedly exposing secret prevention/detection programs, congress repeatedly weakening prevention/detection techniques, and media people, like yourself, actually creating lack of national unity that gives constant encouragement to the terrorists, and that in turn unnecessarily COSTS ADDITIONAL LIVES OF OUR SOLDIERS. Did you hear me dammit? It costs additional U.S. military lives! And you guys call that patriotic. Unbelievable! Only an idiot can’t see that if our country displayed a unified commitment to do whatever it takes to terminate them, they would not be so persistent. C’mon, it ain’t rocket science!

Why don’t you get a job at Al Jazeera? You’d fit right in, because your are unAmerican and unPatriotic

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By: Alan

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