The Big Oil Lie

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It’s an all-time high, with regular unleaded up to $4.005, up from $3.105 a year ago.  According to Dr. Mamdouh Salameh, an advisor to the World Bank and the UN Industrial Development Organization, the Iraq war has tripled the price of oil.

Conservative writer Kevin Phillips summed up the lies we were told about how the Iraq war would increase the flow of oil and reduce prices:

Besides, if oil had nothing to do with the invasion, why did top officials of the Bush administration mention it in predicting how well the invasion would work out? Cheney opined that by the end of 2003, Iraqi oil output would hit 3 million barrels a day, and Lawrence Lindsey, the White House economic adviser, talked about 3-5 million, saying in September 2002, “the key issue is oil, and a regime change in Iraq would facilitate an increase in world oil” so as to drive down prices. Paul Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld’s deputy in the Pentagon, enthused that increased Iraqi oil revenues could pay for the war. And White House speechwriter David Frum wrote in his 2003 book on Bush that the war on terror was designed to “bring new stability to the most vicious and violent quadrant of the earth-and new prosperity to us all, by securing the world’s largest pool of oil.”

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