How Does He Get Away With It?

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These aren’t your typical, everyday flip-flops. There are many examples of politicians who say something and then, down, the road, say something completely different. But how many times do you get a flip-flop within seconds of each other?

On the Today Show, John McCain is presented by Meredith Viera with a DNC ad where he is heard praising the economy, after which McCain says, “I’ve said repeatedly American families are hurting in America.”

McCain in DNC Ad: “I think we’re better off overall.”

Viera: So, Senator, you do not believe we’re better off by any means than we were eight years ago?

McCain: Oh, no. No.

On This Week, McCain flip-flopped on the endorsement of pastor John Hagee, again within seconds:

STEPHANOPOULOS: But you’re going to hold on to his endorsement. Your own campaign acknowledges that you should have done a better job of vetting Pastor Hagee. So was it a mistake to solicit and accept his endorsement?

McCAIN: Oh, probably. Sure. But I admire and respect Dr. Hagee’s leadership of the — of his church. I admire and appreciate his advocacy for the state of Israel — the independence and freedom of the state of Israel. I condemn remarks that are made that has anything to do which is condemning of the Catholic Church. So –


STEPHANOPOULOS: So you no longer want his endorsement?

McCAIN: I’m glad to have his endorsement.

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