The Case For Hillary

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Here’s an email I just received. Adds a different perspective to things.

From: Jan
Sent: Wednesday, April 23, 2008 5:45 PM
To: Alan
Subject: It’s all in how you count it

Hey Alan

Let’s talk numbers … It is really too bad that none of te political analysts have pointed out that the majority of the superdelegates that have declared themselves have done so according to the winner of the popular vote of their respective states.

So how can Hillary win? This has to go to the convention. Why….?

Current Pledged Delegate Count to Date:
Clinton: 1337 – Obama: 1490

If the contests had been Winner-Takes-All
Pledged Delegates to Date:
Clinton: 1643 – Obama: 1208

Current Estimated Declared Superdelegates to Date:
Clinton: 252 – Obama: 224

Maximum Possible ALL types of Delegates Votes to Date:
Clinton: 2007 – Obama: 1547

There are 9 contests left. Hillary will most likely win Indiana, West Virgina, Kentucky and Puerto Rico.

This works out to a potential of 247 more delegate votes at the convention.

Popular Vote Counting Michigan and Florida:
Foxnews was the first to report this interesting fact this morning.
Clinton: 15,108,270 — Obama: 15,006,639
Difference: Clinton + 101,631


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