Sealed With A Kiss

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From: RAY
Sent: Thursday, April 17, 2008 9:00 PM
To: Alan
Subject: IDIOT


From: Daniel
Sent: Thursday, April 17, 2008 9:23 PM
To: Alan
Subject: Are you brain dead?

You’re a disgrace to humanity.
Please step in front of an 18 wheeler on some busy highway.

From: Larry
Sent: Thursday, April 17, 2008 9:51 PM
To: Alan
Subject: You

Alan, I and most Americas cannot believe the dribble that comes out of your liberal mouth. Even your democratic friends ignore your statements. However, there is nowhere or no one that will give you the money that you get from Fox for your dribble. So keep it up as long as you can because the end of your dribble may come sooner than you think. And it would be boring without your dribble. But I think you are really a closet conservative. But that market is pretty well saturated with really good people that are hard to compete against.


From: Kerry
Sent: Thursday, April 17, 2008 9:54 PM
To: Alan
Subject: Obama

Allen, I have detested you for years and since you have assumed your
role as apologist for Obama, you have reinforced that feeling
immensely. Why don’t you just sit back and let him self-destruct. He
is going to do so anyway.

From: Tom
Sent: Thursday, April 17, 2008 9:55 PM
To: Alan
Subject: Rude jerk


If I were Newt I would tell you to kiss my A_ _ and don’t ever invite me back on your show. You are quite possibly the most rude and obnoxious individual on TV. I understand controversy sells but you stink. The network must pay Mr. Hannity a healthy sum to tolerate working with you.

Thank You.


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