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h/t Crooks and Liars.

According to Lucianne Golberg’s website (she’s the Linda Tripp enabler) this is the “2009 Inauguaral Ball as imagined by unnamed Clinton staffers.”  I suppose they also think it’s funny.  Nothing like invoking racist images, and blaming it on a political opponent. 

In 2004, the US Marines pulled advertising from this site because of the racist nature of material appearing there, posts like these, as reported by Media Matters:

[USER POST:] Blacks are criminals….its [sic] just that simple.

[USER POST:] Give them a good flogging and they might learn some manners. It worked once.

[USER POST:] Can we go back to, “Whites Only” now?

[USER POST:] Arabs are nothing but low life cowards.

[USER POST:] … not to mention millions of illegal Mexicans milking our system and committing violent/drug related crimes.

Also no longer appearing on the site are ads for the Red Cross, Weight Watchers, the Navy, Sylvan Learning Centers, and United Airlines, among others.   

So, is this just good, innocent poltical satire slamming Clinton staffers who allegedly put out the Obama “dressed” picture (even though it appeared on the Free Republic before it got to Drudge, leading one to believe it could have come from any one of a number of conservative sources)?  Or is this red meat for bigots who post sick and degrading comments like those above, and are drawn to websites like this?  

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