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Ellen over at Newshounds has been very fair to me. She blogs daily about Hannity and Colmes, and although Newshounds is quite critical of my employer and has occasionally raked me over the coals as well, even when they post something positive, as they did about my Wednesday night Mitt Romney interview, I am treated mercilessly by some of their posters, with comments like:

Alan Colmes’ passivity is irritating. It would be better to not have him there and just let that show be the “Hannity” show (another one), removing any false pretense of “fairness and balance”, or else have a progressive commentator that won’t have that surrender attitude of Colmes

I don’t recall sitting on the set and waving a white flag, or rolling over and playing dead for a guest. Why, then are so many conservatives angry with me. (See some of the email posts).
I’m also hounded (no pun intended) by the fact that I used to be a comedian. God forbid I was once funny. I happen to be tall and thin, and liberal, which must mean I’m dying of AIDS. And we do put lots of conservatives on our show. MSNBC and CNN put on lots of liberals. And I shouldn’t be there because there are lots of guests who don’t agree with me? That would make it better? I guess this all means I’m a whore who does it only for the money. In fact, I’m probably a conservative acting as a secret agent to make liberals look bad.

Colmes is a former stand up comedian…he looks rather feeble and sickly…doesn’t speak extremely well…and he gets a stacked deck against him every night. he is in it for the pay day and nothing more.

If I bring a gun to the set and shoot every conservative in the face (with apologies to Dick Cheney) will that be enough?

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