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Lewis famously said, “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.” Sounds a lot like the patriotic Christian nationalism Donald Trump has exploited.

There have been many words used to describe President Donald Trump’s volatile campaign, but “religious” is rarely one of them. Despite successfully wooing white evangelical leaders and votes, the business mogul was roundly criticized by everyone from conservative Christian leader Russell Moore to Pope Francis for his infamous missteps regarding matters of faith.

But if Trump’s inauguration and the days immediately following are any indication, his administration is shaping up to be far more religious affair.

Trump slid into “God-talk” several times during his inaugural address, so much so that TIME called the swearing-in ceremony “very Godly” and noted that his use of religious rhetoric was “unusually blunt.” The Washington Post even suggested that his speech was his “most religious” yet, as the businessman almost never quotes scripture with such confidence (when he cited a Bible passage in front of evangelicals during the campaign, for instance, he bungled the delivery). …

Trump and his religious surrogates aren’t just lifting up general religious platitudes. Rather, the president’s inauguration—especially his inaugural address—ushered in a revival of an old but controversial American theological tradition, amended for a new era: Christian nationalism, Trump style.

Again, you are encouraged to read the whole think piece, which explains how Trump co-opted several conservative evangelical tropes and “dog whistles” to equate “god’s people” with Americans loyal to him and claiming that America will be protected by God because he is president. The two people behind his inaugural address, Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller, know a few things about stimulating the lizard brain of the many different factions that constitute Trump’s base, including right-wing Christian leaders.

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