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A Milwaukee man claimed he was detained by Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke for shaking his head at the lawman over his choice in sports paraphernalia, the Associated Press reported Thursday. Dan Black, 24, said he ran into Clarke, an outspoken conservative whose controversial tactics have made headlines before, while boarding a flight from Dallas to…


By: Alan

Alan Colmes is the publisher of Liberaland.

  • Roctuna

    You really have to wonder what Clark has bottled up inside himself that produces this kind of unrestrained anger and paranoia. He’s not a well man. And since when is there a right to preempt a possible assault? He pulled that right out of a dark place.

  • Willys41

    With people like this in law enforcement we might as well all be wearing gold stars to identify us as Democrats — and bullseyes on our backs.

  • Larry Schmitt

    What “stunt?” This clown has a huge chip on his shoulder, and he shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near dangerous weapons. I hope we find out how his complaint goes.

  • Larry Schmitt

    The reporter in the TV story says the deputies were called in because someone was “making fun” of the sheriff. So that’s now a crime? Is this guy the king of Milwaukee County? Or maybe he’s the Czar. He needs to go to retirement with Arpaio.

    • Suzanne McFly

      Are taxpayers happy he took police out of their duties to come to the airport to provide this weak little human protection from that big mean guy who had the nerve to question what he was wearing?

  • Larry Schmitt

    If you want proof (as if we needed any more) that the hatred of Obama is all about race, I just saw a comment on Market Watch: “Good riddance to the Brown Clown.”

  • labman57

    Clarke is yet another Trump supporter with a badly damaged psyche.
    He is clearly not emotionally suited for law enforcement, specially as a Sheriff.

  • Roctuna

    Apparently Clark felt that 6 deputies and 2 K-9 units was not adequate intimidation of Mr. Black. Further illegal threats followed

  • Red Mann

    The American Himmler.

    • granpa.usthai

      I will continue to refer to him as sheriff lil’ Idi Amin, based mostly on the selections they both made on their uniforms, and partly on their inability to handle positions of authority -as this post points out.

  • robert

    That’s what you get when you sport a cowboy hat and your not the sheriff in town.

    I’m not surprised to hear David was decked out as a cowboy

  • Lyndia

    I am going to say it: Clarke, is a sorry excuse for a Black man.

    • whatthe46

      he’s a house negro. period. a disgusting black bastard.

      • AnthonyLook

        Uncle Clark is just taking butt kissing cues from his leader the Russian rimmer.

        • whatthe46

          the ass said in a tweet that he went to the women’s march (paraphrasing) and hope one of them would have done something. and also said (paraphrasing) that they were saying sh!t to him and where were the cops. well if he’s such a billy bad ass, why would he need cops. he also lied in a tweet and said the protesters in DC were ignorant (again paraphrasing) and many were arrested. **truth, DC police said NO ONE was arrested.

  • Big Rick Crude

    Looks like a classic case of racial profiling!

    • AnthonyLook

      Looks like a petty small hand inferiority driven pompous butt flagrantly abusing powers handed to him by the people, the Trumptard brigade idiots proving their foolishness.