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President-elect Donald Trump has confirmed that Jared Kushner will be tapped to serve the administration as special envoy to the Middle East, adding that he believes his son-in-law will succeed in brokering a deal between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Kushner, Trump”s 35-year old Orthodox Jewish son-in-law, has been mentioned in the past as a possible…


By: Alan

Alan Colmes is the publisher of Liberaland.


    Will someone please tell us what experience Kushner has in negotiating with foreign governments? Is he aware of the history of BOTH nations involved or just one-sided info? Trump proves what an imbecile he is every time he opens his mouth or appoints another extremely unqualified person to an important position. Nancy Pelosi called his office to speak to him on several matters but when she brought up women’s rights, he put her on hold and transferred the call to Ivanka. Does he have any idea how demeaning that is? Will he do that to Merkel, too? I still SMH and find myself surprised at just how low this joke of a man can go. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ve seen him hit bottom yet.

    • fahvel

      Angela will eat the scumbag alive.

    • Snick1946

      He has no idea how out of his depth he is. He thinks everything is like it is in the business world. Taking over the presidency is like a hostile takeover of some corporation that isn’t doing well and that is the model he uses.

      Apart from the fact that Kushner may rent properties to people from that part of the world, how the hell is he qualified? He may be a ‘good lad’ but he will get eaten alive by the Palestinians and played like an old fiddle by the Israelis.

    • Bunya

      Experience? Kushner don’t need no experience! His dad-in-law is now in charge, and the GOP gets whatever it wants, qualifications be damned!
      That being said, be prepared for another disaster and/or another war.

  • Jungle_Bhoy

    Yeah sure he can do it – being a landlord is great experience for the world’s single most difficult geo-political problem. Just more evidence of how completely out of his depth trump is.

  • fahvel

    and pigs fly but not in that part of the world – the absurdity of chimps audacity is betond the pall.