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Famed attorney Alan Dershowitz is prepared to bolt his party.

“I’m going to tell you right here on this show, and this is news – if they appoint Keith Ellison to be chairman of the Democratic Party, I will resign my membership to the Democratic Party after 50 years of being a loyal Democrat,” Dershowitz told the Fox Business Network.

Dershowitz criticized Secretary of State John Kerry for his tough position on Israel and predicted that the appointment of Ellison will make others leave the Democratic Party.

“If they now appoint Keith Ellison, who worked with [Nation of Islam leader Louis] Farrakhan, to be chairman of the DNC, you’re going to see a lot of people leave,” he said.

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By: Alan

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  • mea_mark

    That could be a good thing …

  • Budda

    Is he a one issue Dem?

    • Suzanne McFly

      Would seem so. I prefer to have democrats who want to bridge the gaps to groups who may feel they have been disenfranchised and rightly so.

  • jybarz

    Exactly which country does he owe allegiance to?

  • JimmyPete

    good bye and good luck

  • Buford2k11

    ok, where was he hiding during the election? Oh, another whiner…sheesh…

  • eyelashviper

    Bye, Felicia..
    And I think there is a nice condo with your name on it, somewhere with a nice view, on the West Bank..

  • labman57

    Dershowitz effectively left the Democratic Party long ago. Much as was the case with Joe Lieberman, Islamophobia has clouded his judgement, and as a result, his loyalties are with Israel rather than the U.S.

  • Buford2k11

    Purists can leave anytime they want to..

  • William
  • Tommie

    Kim Davis?

  • arc99

    Fine, get the f**k out. Democrats run the Democratic party, not Israel..

  • bpollen

    Bye, Derpowitz! Your bigotry is not welcome here. Your “Trump is right to oppose the US abstaining in a UNANIMOUS vote to censure Israel” is also not welcome in the party. You support the cheeto-colored pussy-grabbing bigot and crook over the head of your own party? And yet you STILL claim to be a loyal Dem? I bet Brutus claimed loyalty to Caesar up until the moment he stabbed Julius.

  • Emma Goff

    We do not need this kind of division. I am no supporter of Ellison myself. What has he done to become DNC? This is not Israel either. Israel is capable of protecting lsrael. Where is the loyal, non controversial, hard working Dem? Maybe instead of giving it to one person, maybe they should have a committee of 3 to make decisions.

    • mea_mark

      That would be too much like democracy. The DNC has becomes pawns of the oligarchy and they want a puppet.


    …these establishment dems need to wise up…………..YOUR time has past………..time to move on to a new path for the Democrats.