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Benjamin Netanyahu doesn’t care about international opinion.

Israel escalated tensions Monday by announcing plans to build more settlements in East Jerusalem. The announcement followed a United Nations Security Council resolution criticizing West Bank settlements last week. Israel also warned countries against further actions, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that his country would not “turn the other cheek.”

Israel’s government has plans to build nearly 6,000 homes in the predominantly Palestinian eastern Jerusalem, the New York Times reported.

The UN’s 15-member Security Council passed Resolution 2334 on Friday 14-o, with the United States abstaining on the resolution and allowing the vote to pass.

Under the resolution, settlements are considered illegal under international law and are “a major obstacle to the vision of two States living side-by-side in peace and security.” For the past three decades, the United Nations has condemned settlement activity but did not vote on a resolution. The United States did not veto the vote, saying that it still shows “our affirmative support for a two-state solution.”

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  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    Bibi is a war monger and I guess he feels he doesn’t have enough blood on his hands quite yet.
    I’d really like to see the US cut his allowance because it’s our tax dollars that are funding his provocations and killing.

  • StoneyCurtisll

    And they wonder why the UN doesn’t support them…..

  • Bunya

    Maybe we should stay out of this and let the Palestinians (or ISIS) slaughter the Israelis. Bibi thinks that, since he has the support of the U.S., he’s empowered to do whatever he wants. I say we cut Israel off and let them fend for themselves.

  • Nancy Ellis

    Israel is becoming the pariah of the world, like their friend apartheid South Africa was. Israel supported South Africa until the demise of apartheid. Birds of a feather.