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He knows as much about the United Nations as he does the Constitution.

In the wake of the resolution from the UN Security Council calling for an end to Israeli settlements — the United States abstained from the vote — Trump has tweeted out numerous criticisms of the vote and the international organization. Prior to the vote, Trump pushed for the US to veto the resolution.


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  • StoneyCurtisll

    What the future holds…
    Life under a Trump/Putin regime has in store for us…

  • Hirightnow

    Just to mention this here: the absolute hate that this man inspires in me actually scares me…I have NEVER had so much hate for a public figure.
    Makes me wonder…

    • Larry Schmitt

      Same here. I couldn’t stand Dubya, but he seemed like an actual human being compared to this thing.

      • Suzanne McFly

        I hated d!ck a lot more than the little bush.

    • whatthe46

      i just said that. i’ve never felt this way about anyone really the way i feel about him and the GOP in general.

  • Neoclown trump has no idea he and his admin are subject to the U.N. permanent war crimes tribunal prohibitions against torture, the World court where USA trounces China’s dumping of their solar panels below cost for increased market share. I doubt that until last week Donnie knew USA was one of five permanent Security council members holding veto power.

  • Suzanne McFly

    I have been reading this morons tweets and he has 10 to 1 haters vs. supporters tweeting back messages to him. I wonder if he ever reads any responses?

  • Willys41

    Yeah the White House has such great potential but come Jan 20 it’ll just be a place for people to strike new deals on hotel properties and “have a good time.”

  • robert

    The trumpster has the un confused with the first gop debates in 2016

  • labman57

    And who needs to talk when you have a hyuuuge arsenal of nukes just itching to be used.

  • bpollen

    Hey gang! After work, we’re all going down to the UN for a couple brewskis, maybe some of those Ghanian Nachos.

    • whatthe46

      how can anyone, especially a seasoned politician, not be completely embarrassed by this ass representing their party? the GOP just did more damage to themselves than anyone can ever have hoped for. i’ve hated these asses but, that’s nothing compared to how i feel about them today. it’s deep.

      • bpollen

        You are assuming Republicans have a sense of shame. We have more proof that Bigfoot exists.

        • whatthe46

          i would never. lol