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Israel’s prime minister lashed out at President Barack Obama on Saturday, accusing him of a “shameful ambush” at the United Nations over West Bank settlements and saying he is looking forward to working with his “friend” president-elect Donald Trump. Benjamin Netanyahu’s comments came a day after the United States broke with past practice and allowed the…


By: Alan

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  • bpollen

    But Bibi…. we didn’t do nuttin! Maybe it’s time to grow up, little Israel, and stand or sink on your own. How will you ever learn if you don’t face consequences for your actions? So put on your big-boy pants, Bibi, and take your medicine.

  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    Hey Bibi….it’s many nations who disagree with your provocation and heavy handed tactics.
    People around the world are tired of your relentless war and cruelty toward the Palestinians.
    Your latest tantrum is only a bid to maintain excessive American funding that enables you to murder families with impunity.
    Most nations say you are totally wrong, but you’ll never see that they are correct.
    And of course you blame the daddy who gives you your allowance.

    • StoneyCurtisll

      High Five~!

  • StoneyCurtisll


    I have an idea, stop building on/stealing Palestinian land…
    And If you are that pissed off, give us back our 38 BILLION dollars we gave you this year.

  • William