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Jesus Christ is revered by Christians as the Son of God and come Dec. 25 (and a little later for some other denominations) believers around the world will celebrate the founder and namesake of the world’s largest religion. During his time on Earth, however, Jesus’ followed a much older religion and based his beliefs on its…


By: Alan

Alan Colmes is the publisher of Liberaland.

  • anothertoothpick
  • Jungle_Bhoy

    Actually muslims believe that Jesus was a con-man who faked his own death and resurrection. I agree with them.

    • Mensa Member

      Many Muslims would say you just committed blasphemy.

    • June Trombley

      no, that is what the jewish religion says. Muslims regard Jesus as a prophet who God rose to heaven alive and that Jesus will judge us on judgement day and lead the battle between good and evil.

      • Jungle_Bhoy

        Idiot – Jesus came centuries after the Jewish religion was already established. Nice try though…

  • Mensa Member

    I’ve met Muslims who have such a high view of Jesus as a prophet, they seem almost Christian. (But, they all draw the line at any sort of trinitarian belief.) The observant Jews I’ve met generally respect Jesus but he’s irrelevant to their faith.

    So, yes, Muslims to revere Jesus more highly than the Jews do.

    But so what?

    It doesn’t make Muslims better than Jews… just maybe a little closer to Christians in their Christology.

    • fahvel

      if you lead a life bases on faith in nothing, jew, xian, or Muslim, wallow in ignorance. It feeds the rich and keeps the folks down.

  • Duke Woolworth

    Until somebody can prove he ate pastrami, he ain’t no Jew.

  • oldfart

    2000 plus years have proven that religion is not the answer…
    But most probably was the reason.