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Veterans don’t want to see their health care privatized.

Trump is leaning on a once-obscure group backed by conservative billionaires Charles and David Koch as he seeks to make good on a campaign promise to overhaul veterans’ care programs he has denounced as a tragic failure. Concerned Veterans for America (CVA), founded just four years ago, has little connective tissue with other veterans groups, whose membership-heavy organizations have long dominated policy discussions in Washington. The leading candidates to run the sprawling Department of Veterans Affairs, the second-largest federal agency, have close ties to the group. Traditional veterans advocates are alarmed by CVA’s rising profile in Trump’s orbit and in Congress. They reject its highest-profile proposal, to allow veterans to see doctors of their choosing outside VA medical system.

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  • Angelo_Frank

    They knew this would be coming under the Trump Kleptocracy. So why did the vast majority of veterans shoot themselves in the foot and vote for him anyway? Under these bozos in power, all health care will be reduced to a voucher system, based on income and assets, whereby you will be on your own to purchase health insurance from a private source.

  • anothertoothpick

    Capitalists receiving million dollar bonuses.

    Isn’t that what the vets fought and lost thier body parts for??

  • amersham1046

    Privation means profits form somebody–
    where will theses profits come from , the pockets of the Vets

  • whatthe46

    and for those vets that voted for tRump, i don’t want to hear you crying about it. you voted with hate and for hate and this is called KARMA! unfortunately good people have to suffer because of it.

  • bpollen

    If you want to fix the problems with the VA, FUND THE GODDAMN VA.

    The VAST majority of problems at the VA stem from Republicans wanting wars (of choice, mind you) and are nowhere to be found when it comes to dealing with the results.

  • The Original Just Me

    I’m confused, aren’t most Veterans ” Angry Old White Men “?