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The supporter decided to do his own version of “U-S-A.”

As Trump was pumping up the crowd, one of his rallygoers decided to turn around and hurl abuse at reporters in the press pen. As he called the media “the enemy” and said they were “working for the devil,” he decided to go start chanting “Jew-S-A” while the rest of the crowd broke into cheers of U-S-A:


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By: Alan

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  • Larry Schmitt

    They’re not even trying anymore to hide their vile bigotry.

    • Tommie

      Trump told them it was ok since plenty of people in this country feel the same way!

  • Larry Schmitt

    And if it weren’t for those “biased” media, your hero candidate wouldn’t be where he is today. All that free wall-to-wall coverage of any of his events is why the gap in fundraising hasn’t mattered.

    • StoneyCurtisll


  • Suzanne McFly

    Glad they are trying to become better people, they are finally creating the case of why their candidate is running a valid campaign………./s jic.

  • StoneyCurtisll

    Raise your right hand high if you support Donald Trump…

  • StoneyCurtisll

    Where have we heard this before?…
    “The media and banking system is under the control of an international cartel of Jewish overlords”…
    “They are controlling our lives…
    And must be stopped at any cost”..

    What could possibly go wrong with this line of delusional thought?
    Trump must be stopped now before it’s to late.

  • PattyJM

    This is a very personal story and probably will be too long for many to read. I hope you will read it as it contains something that changed my life.

    While in the USAF I worked at several communication sites including one in Germany. These sites are usually on mountain tops and isolated from any other facilities. This assignment was to a town on the German Wine Road named Bad Bergzabern. Wine making being the predominant local industry.

    Bad Bergzabern was a beautiful little town. As it happened I arrived just in time for the local Weinfest, a city wide party to celebrate. It was wonderful. A beautiful Spring day, flower boxes overflowing. men and women in traditional costumes, music and smiles everywhere – and wineries that gave out free samples of their products. Half liter samples. It was truly a wonderful day. I was fell in love with the place.

    And then, when walking back to the gasthaus (inn) where I was staying I cut through a parking lot and noticed a raised brass plaque. It said that here, from 1700 something to Kristallnacht, November 8 & 9th 1938 stood the Synagogue.

    Kristallnacht, for those who are hazy on history is “the night of broken glass”. It was a night of rioting, burning and vandalizing Jewish owned businesses and homes.

    Reading that felt like someone had dumped a bucket of ice water on me. The chill that ran down my back then reoccurs every time I think of that afternoon.

    These people – or their parents – were no different than those of Munich or Berlin. They were nice people. Really no different than Americans down inside. But yet they were capable of some of the worst atrocities ever committed.

    Under the leadership of the Nazi party and propaganda they were as capable of creating the same horrors as in Auschwitz-Birkenau or the Warsaw Ghetto. And at that moment I realized that if that could happen there it could happen here.

    A long time ago I was naive enough to believe that Americans would never do that sort of thing. And then I heard of Abu Graib. And waterboarding, and “enhanced interrogation”. I am no longer that naive.

    For this reason Donald Trump scares the crap out of me. His followers are not there because of ideology. They are there because their loyalties are to Trump. Just as the Germans swore loyalty to the Fuhrer and not to the Fatherland the people at Trump rallies are focused on the Donald, not the United States.

    If you haven’t voted yet and are thinking of voting for Trump please think about my experience before its too late.

    • bpollen

      Thanks for sharing.

  • amersham1046

    Keep burning your bridges now, next week it will be a long walk home