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October 30, 2016: Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is leading the early voting survey in the past two weeks by 15 percent against Republican Donald Trump, says Reuters/Ipsos States of the Nation project. Republican nominee Donald Trump had a big loss just before 11 days before the U.S. presidential election. Though data is not available, Clinton is…


By: Alan

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  • Larry Schmitt


    • Suzanne McFly

      Your on to something Larry. I think numbers have it out for rump, the numbers had a meeting and decided they are against a rump presidency, so they magically changed themselves. BAM!!! I just created rumps newest conspiracy.

      • Larry Schmitt

        Maybe you can sue when they steal your idea. You better copyright it.

        • Suzanne McFly

          I’m on it….lol.

      • granpa.usthai

        maybe if he had tried to learn more about numbers when he was in the 4th grade instead of trying to bully the K-1 boys…?

        they might have liked him a little bit now?

        • Suzanne McFly

          Naaah, I doubt it. He was born unlikable I believe.

  • William
    • granpa.usthai

      took me a while to catch on. the tremendous big number of 140 really had me going .

  • King George
    • Bill Randby’s Love Child


  • david7134

    Hillary is going to jail. I was trying to figure out why
    her aide would send emails to herself over her husband’s computer. Then it
    dawned on me, Hillary’s server would keep emails from being archived and
    bleaching them would definitely remove them from any scrutiny. Huma was clearly
    aware of that, but by sending them to herself, she established a record that
    could not be erased. Thus, the emails would be in the Microsoft cloud or
    similar for Apple. Now, why would she do that? She states it was to facilitate
    printing. Why does she need to print them, especially all 30,000. And, she
    would have been required to give those papers to the FBI months ago or provide
    evidence of their safe destruction (I have to do this for medical records).

    So, why keep the emails? It is clear that this was Uma’s
    get out of jail card. This was her little hide that would be used to negotiate
    her position in the future if a really true criminal case was developed. But
    the FBI stumbled upon it. These emails will have the dirt on Hillary and the
    foundation. It is what the public has been trying to get for years and what
    Hillary has been trying to hide, as well as Obama and Justice.

    What does this mean? Hillary is going to jail (I am doing
    my happy dance). She might be elected as we have very stupid people in our
    country, but immediately a special prosecutor will be arranged, and she will go
    to jail. Her crimes are so extensive that I don’t think Obama can pardon her,
    and that may mean that Obama will be looking at time as well, and even Lynch.
    If Trump gets in, then he can use this as a spring board to clean house of both
    the Republicans and Democrats.

    • bpollen

      You know, posting the same thing in two different threads show that you got your (snicker) “talking points” and have nothing beyond them. It also shows that the only thing that “dawned” on you came from Alex or Breitbart or Drudge.

    • robert

      If Hillary is going to jail then donald should see a KJU type execution.

      The sh*t he’s been getting away with would easily be a justified reason

    • granpa.usthai

      when you get an education, you’ll realize that you can pack a lot more BS in a lot less words.

  • amersham1046

    only 15%

  • amersham1046
  • Bill Randby’s Love Child

    Poor widdle snowflakes in here didn’t get to see their queen ascend to the throne.

    • oldfart

      Welcome newbie tRumpanzee !
      Please avail yourself to the dating of the topic and move on, shall we ?

      • Bill Randby’s Love Child

        Trumpanzee? What is that?
        I’m as much a Trump fan as you are a pedophile.

        • oldfart

          … let me guess you’re a libertarian…
          Stick around, you’ll be a big hit around here.
          BTW trolling old topics won’t get you cred here.
          Good luck.

          • Bill Randby’s Love Child

            Let me guess, you’re a progressive. That would explain the easily bruised posturing.

            • oldfart

              Guess ??? my comments are open for anybody…DUH.
              Are you not proud of your own comments?
              Bruised Posturing? Hardly.
              Your opening salvo here required it.
              You’re not walking into a site full of crying snowflakes.
              Our mods here appreciate considerate opposing views, as do I, considerate being the operative word there… but if your hear to disrupt, derail or otherwise make a nuisance of yourself, they will declare open season on you. Fair warning.
              Have a great day libertarian… go to go to work.

            • Anotherday

              You triggered old fart. Now we need to get a HazMat Team in here to clean up.