Sunday’s debate made me grateful

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Sunday night’s (supposed) Town Hall Style debate quickly turned into something equivalent to a mentally ill man on the subway, harassing a nice old lady and a train full of horrified passengers simply trying to get to work. Hillary managed to keep him from hurting anyone but he did proudly drop his drawers and take a massive dump on the subway floor for all to see. I think we were all relived when the train doors finally opened and we could dash away from this menacing maniac.

Donald Trump showed everyone what it looks like to be a lost, dark and hateful person. It’s finally dawned on him that he has no chance to win the election and he’s having a psychotic meltdown right before our eyes. He sees his name and carefully crafted reputation being demolished, probably forever, so he’s decided to bring the entire nation down with him. It is a sad, pathetic mess.

Today, however, the rest of us should be grateful. Grateful we are not Donald Trump. Grateful that our world is not the black hole his is. Grateful that our ego can take the bumps and bruises of the real world without having to lash out at others around us. Grateful that we will never have to stoop to his level of vulgarity to sooth deep psychological problems.
How many people continue to follow Trump down his dark path remains to be seen. Some are as sad and lost as he is, others are simply followers. Be grateful you’re not one of them.

Hillary Clinton was Presidential at the debate and she showed us she could handle a mentally unstable person firmly and decisively. These days, this is a skill a President needs.

Still, it’s a shame we all have to be sucked into the Trump spectacle. It’s become a freak show watching this broken man losing it and breaking down psychologically in front of the entire world. It’s below the dignity of us as individuals and it’s certainly below the dignity of the United States.

So while I feel grossed and creeped out by Trump and the dump he is taking on our great nation, I’m also feeling quite grateful that my life is not as bad as his, my heart not as dark as his and my ego not as fragile as his.

Finally, it’s become clear that one of the biggest lessons we’ve learned during this campaign is one of the oldest lessons that exits. Money, we know, really can’t buy happiness and sometimes, as is the case with Donald Trump, it can even turn out to be a curse that tortures and destroys the mind, body and soul.


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By: Mark Quincy Adams

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  1. Budda October 11th, 2016 at 06:37

    …dropping a deuce on the debate floor…excellent analogy.

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