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Former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann told David Brody at the Christian Broadcasting Network that this will be the last American election if Hillary Clinton is elected.

She says the GOP won’t win another election if she’s in The White House.

“Hillary Clinton will ensure it won’t happen because she’s going to change the demographics of the United States so that no Republican will ever win again,” Bachmann tells me…

“Well, I don’t want to be melodramatic but I do want to be truthful. I believe without a shadow of a doubt this is the last election. This is it. This is the last election. And the reason why I say that David is because it’s a math problem. It’s a math problem of demographics and a changing United States. If you look at the numbers of people who vote and who lives in the country and who Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton want to bring in to the country, this is the last election when we even have a chance to vote for somebody who will stand up for godly moral principles. This is it.”

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  • William

    People like Michelle Bachmann should be institutionalized and forced to spend the rest of their lives sitting next to someone who is knitting something that isn’t there.

  • jybarz

    I don’t think this bitch knows what “godly moral principles” means…but she likes saying it though. If she only knows that the Repukes’ Ungodly & Immoral Principles ensure their eventual political extinction.

    • Larry Schmitt

      That phrase means absolutely nothing. God doesn’t have morals or principles.

  • Foundryman

    If Hillary wins, I personally will write her a letter to strongly suggest she have Bachmann locked up in an institution and away from cameras and microphones.

    • Larry Schmitt

      But that will mean Sarah Palin has to carry the entire comedy workload herself.

      • Foundryman

        She can go there too and show Bachmann the proper way to bounce off the walls.

  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    In a way she’s correct, but not for the reasons she thinks.
    The republicans have been on a sinking ship for decades now.
    The last legitimately elected republican was Eisenhower. Nixon and Reagan both committed treason to corrupt the electoral process and Dubya’s brother stopped the Florida recount while his daddy lobbied the SCOTUS.

  • oldfart

    …And the downside is what ?
    Make yourself useful…go suck on a corndog.

  • Snick1946

    I grew up in an Evangelical, Right wing culture. I cannot begin to recall now many times I heard this BS growing up, as far back as 1960. It was always going to be the ‘last election’. Or that ‘the election is going to be cancelled.’ Big news flash: IT CANNOT HAPPEN. There are too many laws in place to protect our system.

    • Foundryman

      These fanatics used to be seen holding signs that said “Repent, the end is near” on street corners, now they get elected to office…amazing isn’t it?

    • Larry Schmitt

      And you couldn’t get that many Americans to agree long enough to do anything about it. Unless you connected it to an American Idol election.

  • Red Mann

    “so that no Republican will ever win again,” This is a bad thing how? I read in the paper this morning that the nones are still growing and the evangelicals are still shrinking. The good news is that the nones lean heavily liberal.

    • Larry Schmitt

      If the party is reconstituted into something with actual beliefs and principles, fine. But as it exists now, it’s not viable.

  • Mike N.

    this is the last election when we even have a chance to vote for somebody who will stand up for godly moral principles.

    Certainly she isn’t talking about Trump; there’s moral or godly about him.

    • Larry Schmitt

      Or principled.

  • Hirightnow

    “,,,no Republican will ever win again.”.
    So, she’ll improve the country? Glad you’re on board, Michelle.

  • anothertoothpick

    I remember when they moved to repeal the 22nd amendment in order to get st Ronny a third or even fourth term.

    The reason the president has term limits and the senate and the house does not was of course a Republican back hand to FDR..

  • StoneyCurtisll

    They punchline to the joke is…
    “Michele Bachmann said”

  • StoneyCurtisll

    Oh the promises they never keep…..

  • amersham1046

    And if Trumps win, the first Presidential impeachment that goes all the way thru

  • Gary Parillo

    If Hillary wins,no republican will win again?If no repub. Wins again it will be because they are archaic and out of touch with the majority who are beginning to understand how empty of ideas and phony they are.What good did they accomplish when they had their last chance under GW? War in the middle East that will never end,9/11,massive national debt,and an economic downturn as bad as the greatcdepression.If they never win again its there own fault,a fault for which they are to ignorant and egotistical to admit to.Hillary will win and your party will go the waycof the dinosaur,Michelle!

  • bpollen

    I think that every time she comes on camera, there should be a theme song:

  • amersham1046

    1968 was the last time turnout for a presidential election was over 60% ,the problem is when almost half the population can’t be bothered