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Donald Trump brags that he always surrounds himself with the “best people,” so this must be another great example.

Per NBC News’ Ali Vitali, Trump unveiled the members of this board on Tuesday and former Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann was right at the top of the list

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  • Larry Schmitt

    I didn’t know an evangelical executive advisory board was even a thing.

    • granpa.usthai

      exactly what will they be advising on in a Constitutional manner?

      • alpacadaddy

        Minister of Griftworks?

  • granpa.usthai

    and their duties will be to …_________________?

  • Suzanne McFly

    And palin will be his Ambassador to Russia.

    • alpacadaddy

      I can ‘see it’ now… sorry, just a little front porch humor (very little!)

      • Roctuna

        Good one!

      • Suzanne McFly


  • anothertoothpick

    And here I filed Bachman in the “where are they now” folder.

    • Roctuna

      Even on a list, she’s still lost.

  • labman57

    And the global price of tin foil just went up another 20%.

  • William

    What? I thought she quit politics and became a stand up comic like Sarah Palin

    • alpacadaddy

      Ya gotta admit, they share an uncanny resemblance!

      (A brain is a terrible thing to waste, of course neither of them were encumbered by one!)

      • Yeah, but those skulls make excellent echo-chambers… ;)

        • whatthe46


        • bpollen

          Gotta keep them outta the wind though…

    • bpollen


  • Mike

    How many fluffers does he need …???

  • Buford2k11

    So, Trump passes the Religious Test…

  • Scrambling for a “woman card” in the TorRies’ evangelical deck, and all that could be found was a Joker…(go figure)

  • Foundryman

    Since when do American Presidents have a “evangelical advisor”???

    What would really be great right now is if Obama named an Iman as his….lol

    • whatthe46

      “^^^this^^^” should be the featured comment!!!!

  • “Top billing: Michele Bachmann”?

    Um, the list is alphabetical.

    • bpollen

      If it were in reverse alphabetical order, she would “bottom” the list.

      (Sorry, a little Marcus Bachmann humor.)

  • fahvel

    just the fact that the list is so long and exists should make americans nervous. That’s assuming all these blind people actually have blind followers – amusing short Fellini type parade film. But so so sad.

  • bpollen

    If Bachmann TOPS the list, what type of weeping pustules must round out the list?

    • MyDogsAreSmarterThanYou

      Did you read the list? It’s a “who’s who” of right wing, evangelicals d-bags.