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  • William

    Have a nice trip, and remember to buy gold.

    • tracey marie


  • fahvel

    is this the true definition of paranoid insanity in action???

  • bpollen

    Glenn Beck, major nut who’s a fawning fan of Cleon Skousen – the guy behind the Oregon militants understanding of the Constitution. And those pocket Constitutions.

  • liberalMD

    So long, Glenn! Don’t forget to pick up Michelle Bachmann on your way to the airport!

  • Norma Edwards

    Bye Felicia!

  • robert

    dress appropriately Can i hold the door for you glen ?

  • jsexton9

    I don’t care where he goes, or why, as long as he goes.
    (Is he gone yet?)

  • Morminion

    Delusional Moron… oops Moroni.

  • Cynthia Ratzke

    Couldn’t the idiot just announce he was moving instead of turning this into a cartoon.

  • humboldtrick

    Leave now, scumbag.

  • Gregg Barnes

    I love all you whiny little turds. If you dont like him, why do you even listen, or care, about what he does and says? You are perfectly capable of ignoring him, instead you act like little children and call him names. Ever try evolving?

  • Fox sweN Lies


  • ThisOldHouse

    Leave your U.S. passport in the collection bin on your way out. Have a safe trip…

  • NightWatch ACP

    Just WHO is this Glen Beck and WHY should we give a FOXTROT anyway??!!
    OR simply put; DILLIGAFF???!!!

  • Syl

    He’ll have to pull his head out of his ass before he can board the plane.

  • cecilia

    I DO hope this is the “end times”.

    I mean the END of christian privilege, the end of bigotry, racism, sexism….I realize that people like beck are going to be very sad that he can’t be a pig to other citizens, but change is inevitable.

    Get used to it.