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Hmm, thought they were set up for the long haul.

Despite claims that the armed militiamen who are occupying a U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service building in Oregon are set up for a lengthy stay, Facebook posts from some of the men and their supporters are asking for supplies, including “snacks and energy drinks.”

While Ammon Bundy initially told The Oregonian that his group was ready to occupy the building “for years, absolutely,” posts are circulating on social media that are asking for, among other things, cold weather supplies (including socks) and the aforementioned snacks and energy drinks on behalf of the group.

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  • RJGuadagno

    I would suggest they all start by eating a bullet from their guns.

    • Mensa Member

      Too dark, dude.

      • RJGuadagno

        Why? Bullets have lots of IRON and MINERALS.

    • fredoandme

      if they do that, they won’t qualify as martyrs.

  • Javier Smith

    They didn’t stockpile food?? Are we sure they are really Mormon??

    • Mensa Member

      Or dry socks?

      Are we sure they are outdoorsmen?

      • Allison Moss-Fritch

        But when you play soldiers mom usually won’t let you stay out all night! They have NO idea what they are doing. I teach youngsters who are saddled with the same inability to think things through rationally…..but the children are young and can’t be expected to act like competent adults. Unfortunately, neither can these fools.

  • Willys41

    Send some Nutraload. They might as well get used to it.

  • Vinny Eastwood

    Pete is in Oregon trying to derail yet another patriot action and set up real americans. Please warn those involved!

    I am NOT Trolling or trying to upset anyone.
    Please I beg you, don’t be suckered in by yet another government agent.
    Pete Santilli Exposed is a facebook page dedicated to exposing his lies, theft, abuse and downright criminal behavior.
    Everything he says about himself is a lie and we believe his operation is to set up patriots and give the government justification to crack down on us.
    Here’s a 35second example of how he’s trying to get patriots killed by encouraging them to attack US Military targets:

    We were sent a fax that HE sent to the FBI field office, his handler was the former head of the organized crime cyber security task force and he single handedly derailed the “Truckers Ride For the Constitution”, their Facebook page had 200,000 likes, then the name was changed to “Guerilla Media Network” with 200,000 likes!
    This is but a taste of the kind of person he is.
    I hate to reiterate, but please! Share this information with others, help expose the wolves in sheeps clothing.

    Pete Santilli Exposed Facebook group:

    • William


  • Kathie Briegel

    No one should be allowed in or out. They want to die for their beliefs? Be my guest.

  • William

    They planned poorly

    • Always curious

      You wouldn’t want the people to use the Socialist Governmental program of the United States Postal Service, now would you?

  • amersham46

    Enough ammo to start a civil war , but food , I though Bob was going stop in at the 7-11

  • hawkmo99

    We should remember when your government starts taking your stuff illegally and next time someone won’t bake a cake at the fist order…. that you are willing to die for yours.

    • Kathie Briegel

      Taking illegally? I don’t hear these white guys being concerned about the Native Americans the land belonged to prior to the Bundys and their ancestors.

  • Always curious

    You wouldn’t want the people to use the Socialist Governmental program of the United States Postal Service, now would you?

  • Natasha Lynn

    No snacks?

  • tonybot3

    That’s not it works… That’s not how any of this works!

    You gonna throw a tantrum, go ahead and do it, but you don’t get to ask for help while doing it.

    • Guns N Rosaries

      The American Revolution was a “tantrum,” and we asked France for help.

      • Kareem Of-Wheaties

        Thanks for playing “Really Bad Analogies”.

        • Guns N Rosaries

          Followed by the smash hit ” I Dunno Why I Care Or How I Got Here.”

  • Wandering_Paws

    I’m thinking,… Donner party..

  • Kareem Of-Wheaties

    Why are all of the men white? They are not racists are they? Don’t they have no women folk? Even Cowboys in the movies had women folk. What do the men do at night? Can they watch videos on the inter-web? Do they do this as a group or do they have a room they can go in? The media hasn’t reported any of this.