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Former Florida Governor, Republican presidential candidate, and World’s First Human Sad Trombone Jeb Bush has been having more and more difficulty convincing anyone he will ever be president, least of all himself, but things got sad even by Jeb’s standards Sunday morning.

Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace tried to get Jeb to feel the fork by gently reminding him that there are these things called polls, and they measure how much or how little people care about what you have to say. Jeb sounded a pathetically “optimistic” note:

Wallace: Did you fail to come up with a compelling message for voters? I understand you want to talk about the future, but the past does give some indication as to what went wrong and what you need to improve.

Bush: Chris, I respect your world. Your world is all about process. My world is about connecting with voters in these early states to build momentum. We have a national campaign, we’re going to be on every ballot in every state. That’s a hard thing to do. Not every candidate has done that.

Congratulations, Jeb, you are definitely ahead of Jim Webb and Deez Nuts on that count. This former frontrunner is now literally looking for a participation ribbon.

You almost have to feel bad for Jeb when Chris Wallace twists the knife by…READ MORE

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By: Tommy Christopher

Tommy Christopher is The Daily Banter's White House Correspondent and Political Analyst. He's been a political reporter and liberal commentator since 2007, and has covered the White House since the beginning of the Obama administration, first for PoliticsDaily, and then for Mediaite. Christopher is a frequent guest on a variety of television, radio, and online programs, and was the villain in the documentaries The Audacity of Democracy and Hating Breitbart. He's also That Guy Who Live-Tweeted His Own Heart Attack, and the only person to have ever received public apologies from both Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.

  • BillPasadena

    How sad for jeb. The ruling class was hoping the election would be between the royal families, the clintons & bushes.

    • Mensa Member

      The Bushes are three-generation American “royalty”.

      But the Clinton’s earned where they are.

  • Mensa Member

    This raises a question I’ve wondered about.

    Polls are one thing but candidates need organization. It’s a lot of work and planning to get on the ballots of all states.

    Has Trump done this?

  • libpatriot

    So I guess that means when Jeb loses primaries in all fifty states, he’ll be able to brag about being good at “creating consensus”?

    • Mensa Member

      He. He. You make a good point.

      Jeb Bush has unified the left and the right in a consensus against Jeb Bush.

  • bpollen

    With all the gawddamned money he’s spent, it would really be a sad statement if he didn’t clear that bar at least. “My staff completed all the paperwork! So there!”

  • amersham46

    Well if you only have one drum , you have to beat it loudly

  • ExPFCWintergreen