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When Donald Trump’s doctor released the Republican frontrunner’s medical report this week it caused quite a stir. Not only is Trump’s health exceptional, Dr. Harold N. Bornstein opined that “If elected, Mr. Trump … would be the healthiest individual ever elected to the Presidency.”

The doctor is not alone in his confidence of Trump’s robust fitness. The candidate himself went so far as to correctly predict his medical report would show “perfection“. Naturally, he even took to Twitter to boast about his superior genetics which, he believes, results in his unbelievable health.

This October, Donald Trump went on the Opie and Jimmy radio program and went so far as to claim he has never even had the flu! Clearly, we are looking at a potential world leader with superhuman capabilities on par with the legendary Kim Jong-un of North Korea. (We can only imagine what would happen if the two of them met on a golf course!)

So how is it possible that someone so healthy, who was a star student athlete and who has never even had the flu suddenly had disqualifying medical issues when the Vietnam War rolled around? What bad luck bestowed our Donald that day when the military, so desperate to find young men to send into war, had to turn away someone so genetically and physically superior? Perhaps Trump can have Dr. Bornstein scribble us a little note about that medical mystery.

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By: Mark Quincy Adams

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  • Linda

    ” What bad luck bestowed our Donald that day when the military, so desperate to find young men to send into war, had to turn away someone so genetically and physically superior?” At that time – NO CURE 4 Hairballs: apparently they could not break him from licking himself. (mystery solved)

  • Paul Andrews

    where i come from we politely class this as a pussy, plenty of more descriptive classifications

  • Victoria

    Best excuse money can buy! Best healthcare money can buy! His great genetics are in his wallet!

    • bobby1122

      On his side- NO brain blood clot like old Hillary had.

      • Robert Kennedy

        Lots of people survive blood clots, once they’re gone they aren’t problem.

      • lindsncal

        Are you, could you possibly be….this stupid?

        • whatthe46

          the answer to your question is YES!

      • bpollen

        But he is on an aspirin regimen (for prevention of heart attacks and stroke) and on a statin (which is for high cholesterol.) So stroke, heart attack, more generally CVD… not exactly the super-healthy specimen he purports to be.

  • Victoria

    I thought Reagan did serve in the military.

    • Ancient Avian Anomaly

      Reagan made films for the military while he was in the service.

  • Ancient Avian Anomaly

    It’s remarkable how many of the politicians who support all sorts of military action somehow missed their opportunity to put their asses on the line when they were young. I’m sure Mr. Trump regrets that he was physically unfit to serve when he had the chance and will happily make up for his loss by ensuring that other young men and women get their chance to die for their compan… errrrr country.

  • Gina Bousquet

    Sometimes I can’t resist it. :)

    • tracey marie

      I know it can be hard…but he is making leading statements of stupid with an already copy/paste response.

      • Gina Bousquet

        You’re right. But by now it seems he’s been banned already.

        • tracey marie

          They don’t ban here for disagreeing, they only ban when there is aggressive attacks.

          • Gina Bousquet

            Well, he’s been totally deleted… I can only see our answers, not his comments.

            • tracey marie


              • Gina Bousquet

                Yes! :)

      • mea_mark

        I deleted a couple of his comments yesterday, I guess he got out of line after that and someone banned him.

        • tracey marie

          He deserved it, he was trolling hard

          • mea_mark

            Yeah I looked at his comments. He just kept getting worse. I hope he wasted lots of time for nothing.

            • tracey marie

              it’s a troll that is what they do.

  • Richard Banville

    Trump may or may not be a perfect physical specimen of the Aryan Master Race, but he’s sick where it really counts, in his mind and soul. A mean-spirited ignorant arrogant narcissistic megalomaniac right-wing xenophobe, just for starters.

    By contrast, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a physical wreck. He was stricken with polio (infantile paralysis) at the age of 39, and with incredible courage and determination rose to be one of the greatest Presidents in history. A true inspiration, unlike Donald Trump.

    • Robert Kennedy

      Oh, Trump is an inspiration for sure, just not the kind your mother was hoping you to be. After all, Satan is also an inspiration to some.

  • Gina Bousquet

    I had two comments of mine deleted. I didn’t write them without thinking a lot about their content. But probably not feminist enough… Feminist censorship?

    • burqa

      I can’t imagine you would ever say something delete-worthy….

      • Gina Bousquet

        Not actually deleted, but they stayed on thread for a long time, then vanished… They are there again, if you scroll down. :)

  • bobby1122

    Trump wasn’t the only one who got deferments 45 years ago- kids with money used college, hundreds of thousands did it. I would be more concerned about Hillary, a 68 year old woman who had a blood clot on her brain and whose own staff e-mailed each other that she was often confused.. Hillary, post your medical records and a brain scan. Let it all hang out.

    • lindsncal

      Ugh….how stupid.

      Between the two of you, you’re the only one who needs a brain scan.

      • Syl

        Well said. Republicans appear dumber than a big elephant in their fruitless attempts to defame Hillary. Fun to watch!

        • CMH

          Let’s not insult elephants. They are highly intelligent and compassionate creatures.

    • Robert John

      Student deferments of that era were congressionally authorized, and had nothing to do with wealth or influence. Fellow students of mine were from poor families and attending on loans, scholarships or the sacrifice of hardworking families. It was the draft lottery that eliminated college deferments, and if their lottery number was 1-50, those same students were marching in boot camp within 30 days. Read a book and learn of which you write.

      • Sean

        A mixture of fact and fiction above. Trump reveived 4 student deferments. He also received a medical disqualification in 1968, oops, you forgot about that one…

    • pitman45

      Poor Bobby, desperately trolling Hillary when the topic is Trump’s draft dodging.

  • Pablo U Hunni

    Haters will hate the truth. SMH.

  • itsallgood4me

    Its a shame that those who didn’t have the balls to serve ,would run down the service of people like john mccain ! It takes no balls at all to lie and send others off to fight and die ! Trump and dickhead chaney are among the most guttless bastards in america ! The only place those crooks want to serve american ,is from an office, where they can steal from the american people !!!!!!!!!