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Former Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann took to her Twitter account to let you know that Syrian refugees will rape the women in this country. She’s not trying to incite fear or anything (wink wink). According to Bachmann, refugees will come off the airplane, tired from fleeing violence – then the first thought that pops up in…


By: Alan

Alan Colmes is the publisher of Liberaland.

  • rostee67

    Here we go again, typical republican Michele Bachman of the republican “Party of Hate & Lies” in that if you are Asian, Black, Hispanic, Women or any other minority, you need NOT to apply to this mutant strain of this new republican “Party of Hate & Lies”!

  • fahvel

    this nasty piece of drek is hoping and dreaming but even mad raping wild eyed guys of gang age wouldn’t touch her lunacy with a dry stick.

  • William

    Every now and then someone pulls the cover off the can and something nasty wafts up from within.

    • Sharon Figueroa

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  • rg9rts

    Take me, Take me, ravish me hubs is a useless POS

  • LoisB

    To quote K.O. “that woman is an idiot”.

  • allison1050

    Can’t we at least allow her to continue to Not speak for her used to be congressional district?

  • Merlin

    Micheal,…don’t worry , if you act all crazy and shit they wont bother you…Oh, wait…

  • Budda

    Ignore her, please.

  • alpacadaddy

    Dear Bat$hit Crazy Eyes Michelle… Please feel free to quietly fade into obscurity, leaving behind only a painful memory of an ignorant, hateful wretch of a grifter (if you need help accomplishing this, take points from your comrade-in-stoopid Sarah Palin!

  • Richard Banville

    Years of fake marriage to Marcus has left her so desperate that she can’t put a lid on her lurid rape fantasies.