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Karim Baker, the former FedEx employee who unwittingly gave directions to the man who shot two NYPD officers, says he has been subject to harassment and even a beating by the police.

A former FedEx driver claims he has been subjected to an NYPD campaign of harassment that culminated in a brutal beatdown for unwittingly giving an assassin directions to the Brooklyn housing project where he killed two brave cops. Karim Baker says he had no idea Ismaaiyl Brinsley was about to gun down Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu when he helped him out. But after that, Baker said he was stopped 20 times — but never ticketed — for supposed traffic infractions by vengeful cops before he was assaulted by gang officers on Oct. 21.

Baker, who says he has nothing against the New York City Police Department, claims needed hospitalization after the beat down by officers. Baker’s Lawyer, Eric Subin told the NY Daily News that he believes the police have been keeping tabs on his client, pulling him over repeatedly and shadowing his every move. This is now moving to the courts.

“Twenty times in a year is a lot of times to be pulled over and never issued a summons,” he said. “This is our strongly held theory. It’s too much of a bizarre coincidence not to hold water” …Baker has been “systematically harassed by the police,” said Subin. “They began showing up at all hours of the day and night at his mother’s house, all hours of the day and night at his father’s house. Siblings, friends, co-workers, his boss — and this went on forweeks” … Subin said Baker has had enough and he is filing a notice of claim Tuesday in Queens Supreme Court in advance of a state lawsuit.

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  • tracey marie

    tell me again why cops are not thugs?

    • whatthe46

      i hope he gets seriously paid. i had to order a police report online, and later realized i had ordered it the slow way, so i reordered it paying for it at the same time. when i got the email with the first order, i called to tell them that it had been paid for, had to leave a voice mail. the next day i received a call from a sargeant telling me that i still had to pay. after explaining to him the misstep/error, he got pissy and suggested that the fact that they sent it required a payment. i then told him, no, it’s paid for. well, i didn’t have to pay in the end, but the fact that he got pissy over a damn email was ignorant. i wanted so badly to cuss his sorry ass out. yep, this is how they deal with the public.

      • Leslie Foster

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  • FatRat

    I wish Baker hadn’t been a FedEx worker and was US Postal Worker instead. Stalking and battery of a US Postal Worker would be a federal crime. I can’t for the life of me see why the cops would blame a delivery driver for giving out directions. If the guy was a pizza driver, would they stalk and attack Domino’s employees?

  • Tommie

    By now, if they have nothing on this guy, he should win his case easily, unfortunately, instead of taking money out their budget we will be paying for it!

  • rg9rts

    The only thing the NYPD understands is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and in this case a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$. how can a city afford $400,000,000 payouts for screwuos like this

  • allison1050

    He should leave the city.

  • Budda

    He should get a restraining order also.

  • MyDogsAreSmarterThanYou

    Well, what do you expect from the criminal NYPD?

  • maggie

    the guy doesn’t have ESP how was he supposed to know …he was a victim in this as well….the cops should be ashamed of themselves….they need to be called out for this illegal behavior by the courts… no uncertain terms…

  • Ragga muffin