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God is so upset about American’s relationship with Israel that he’s flooding the Carolinas, avers Michele Bachmann.

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By: Alan

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  • tracey marie

    I agree guano girl, he is flooding the faux xtians for their judgment, lying, hate and ignorance

  • Heard SC is asking for federal help with the flooding, hey no government republicans–tell us again why the gov. is bad!

  • Nathan Hale

    Heres what tim coolio said about NAFTA:
    Clinton wouldn’t have had anything to sign if republican bush hadn’t created it,

    He is a low level government employee(GS9/10) that works for the SSA. His job is secure and his benefits are better than most CEOs.

    His comments let you know of the level of intelligence that is running the show.

    Enjoy coolio.

    • tracey marie

      flagged for stalking, trolling and harrassing someone.

      • Nathan Hale

        I told my mommy too and she told me to “cowboy up”.

        • tracey marie

          I bet she gave you your pink frilly panties to make you feel better

          • Nathan Hale

            I guess you don’t support the LGBT crowd? That seems very mean :(

    • bpollen

      Somebody sounds butt-hurt.

      • Nathan Hale

        I know, but he’ll get over it.

        • bpollen

          Why do you speak of yourself in the third person? Channeling your inner Trump?

          • Nathan Hale

            I see whatcha’ did there.

  • Chris

    Wait a sec. I thought God was upset with the gay marriage thing, not the Israel thing.

    Who am I to question Michele Bachmann? She was told by God to run for president, according to her, and he wouldn’t want to make an *ss out of her, right?

    • MerryMarjie

      It’s really hard to tell what God is mad at today. One day it’s abortion, one day it’s metallic eye shadow, sometimes it’s gays, could be the growing threat of UnChristianity. Boy, it’s sure hard to figure out the reasons, isn’t it. Good thing Michelle keeps in close contact with him.

  • Foundryman

    In case no one has noticed yet, Bachmann is a freak. A very creepy freak, the woman is not all there at all.

  • bpollen

    The Gawd of Bachmann – petty, vindictive, capricious, neurotic…

    • cwazycajun

      and those are her good qualities…ya really really don’t want to delve in to her bad ones…lol

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    Just when you thought that it was safe, heeeeeeeer’s ol’ CRAZY EYES rearing her ugly WHEREVER ……………..