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Leave it to Michele Bachmann to come to the defense of Donald Trump.

…Bachmann said, “The main thing that really, honestly, the voters are thinking about are the 54 million women of working age who aren’t in the workforce today because there aren’t jobs out there for them.”

When Don Lemon asked her if, then, Trump’s remarks are ‘superfluous,” Bachmann said, “[I’m] the only woman here on set right now, and I can tell you what women want is a sense of security.”

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By: Alan

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  • Larry Schmitt

    Hey, dumbass, a lot of those 54 million not in the workforce are retired, or otherwise not working by choice. You Obama critics always forget little details like that.

    • The Original Just Me

      Just MORE of the Right Winger’s Nut Cases, Joseph Goebbels, Type Propaganda. They do follow their God Leader.

  • jybarz

    Just because she is a woman, it doesn’t give her the authority to speak for women. Evidently, she’s not the right woman to speak for women if she doesn’t see Trumpet-et’s sexist comments against women like Fiorina, Megan Kelly, Rosie O’Donnell.

  • The Original Just Me

    And this is from the woman who CLAIMS to be able to CURE (?) Homosexuality with just prayer. Okay, enough said a about her opinion.

    • Mike

      Well, not just prayer…you need money and a government funded clinic.
      But she’ll chase the gay right out of ya….

      • The Original Just Me

        Just looking at her would scare any guy into being Gay.

  • Chris

    Is she coming back from vacation or what?

    Does she want us to set up a GoFundMe to send her off again?

  • bpollen

    Gee, does this mean that she doesn’t feel secure with Marcus?