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Pope Francis’ decision to allow priests to absolve women of sin from abortions is being heralded in Boston and elsewhere.

Cardinal Sean O’Malley, head of the archdiocese of Boston, described the pope’s action “a great gift” to the church and to the world.

“My hope and prayer is that all those carrying the burden of an experience of abortion would turn to the Church and her sacraments and experience the Lord’s mercy and love,” O’Malley said.

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  • Mike

    Got that ladies…??? The Holy See has bestowed a great gift upon you….say thank you…:(

  • tracey marie

    If some women think they need men wearing costume dresses and hats to “pardon” you, you have deeper issues that you need to deal with.

  • anothertoothpick

    I see he has been to Paraguay.

  • rg9rts

    OMG forgiving sin!!!

  • nola878

    I like this pope, I really do, but he can take this “great gift” and shove it.

  • maggie

    for anyone who wants communion without all the absolution BS there are almost 200 female catholic priests ordained and consecrated by an ordained member (male) of the catholic priesthood…they receive no compensation from the church but they are real priests according to the rules of the church….(MORE magazine…last year forget the month they did an article) there are two in my town…if you can’t find the article…and you want to find one just post to me..we will figure it out…so if you are catholic you can take communion without all the absolution BS because it’s not necessary…you are divine…;O

    • The Original Just Me

      Thank you for the knowledge.

      • maggie

        no problem! ;)

  • The Original Just Me

    This Pope is real. With him at the helm, I would even think of being Catholic.

  • jybarz

    The Pope is really tempting the right wing Christians to excommunicate him.
    He better not make another mistake of being humane and so Christ-like.

  • BigDumbWhiteGuy

    I don’t dislike this Pope, but women don’t need God’s permission in order to control what happens to their own bodies.

    • Um Cara

      Depends on the supernatural belief system of a given woman, doesn’t it?

      • Bunya

        Then I would think that, if a Catholic women believes the pope speaks for their god, she wouldn’t be patronizing PP in the first place.

        • Um Cara

          I suspect there are devout Catholics who fail to live their entire lives without violating many, many, many of the Rules. Don’t you?

          • Bunya

            I suspect there are MANY Catholics who fail to live their entire lives without violating many of the Vatican’s rules, but feel free to accuse others of being sinners. They’re called “hypocrites”.

            • Um Cara

              Yep, many people are hypocrites, and given that a high percentage of people are religious, a high percentage of hypocrites are religious.

              • Bunya

                Great excuse to justify the evils perpetrated by religious people who claim to be our moral superiors – “we’re all hypocrites. We all fall from God’s graces”. My question is who’s this “we” of which they speak?

                • Um Cara

                  I’m not Catholic, but I’m pretty sure they believe Jesus was the only dude (Dude?) In human history to live without sin. So I guess the ‘we’ in your example would be humanity.

                  My point is that I agree many Catholics are hypocrites, but I’m not convinced they are percentage wise any more hypocritical than humanity as a whole.

                  • Bunya

                    I’m talking about religious organizations as a whole. The difference between believers and non-believers is that atheists/agnostics/non-believers generally don’t judge anyone else when it comes to morality. And if they do, they don’t blame their assertions on an imaginary sky fairy.

                    • Um Cara

                      They may not call it ‘morality’, but it might be related to an environmental issue, or meat eating, or child rearing, or healthy lifestyle, or whatever. It’s the same thing, even if the vocabulary might be different.

                    • Bunya

                      That makes no sense. A vegan, for example, doesn’t chastise others for eating meat while privately consuming a steak sandwich. And the only folks I know of who claim to be environmentalists while destroying the planet would be Exxon, BPH, Monsanto, etc., and that’s because they’re trying to portray themselves as good and decent when in fact they’re evil. Much like organized religion.

  • Bunya

    I hope you women realize how lucky you are! Instead of waiting for holy Cardinals (who live in $30M mansions – see Cardinal Dolan, NY) to forgive you women for being descendants of Eve, now the lowly priests can forgive you, but this is a limited time offer! It runs through the “holy year of mercy” only, which ends in December. So run, don’t walk to your nearest pedophile and claim your forgiveness before time runs out!.
    And don’t forget, you are still required to attend mass and tithe the church, but you cannot partake of the wafer until the guy with the red and white frilly dress absolves you of the sin of womanhood!