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Perhaps in a secret effort to put the predictably Republican State of  Alaska in play for the 2016 election, Donald Trump has said he will undo the name change for the mountain previously known as Mount McKinley. The decision by President Obama to revert back to the original name Denali is very popular in Alaska. Nonetheless, if Obama does it Republicans have to hate it so ‘The Donald’ says he will reverse the decision.

Donald Trump, apparently assuming he will secure the White House, tweeted on Monday evening that he would reverse the decision announced by President Obama to change the name of Alaska’s Mount McKinley back to the traditional name Denali, saying it is an affront to the Buckeye State. “President Obama wants to change the name of Mt. McKinley to Denali after more than 100 years. Great insult to Ohio. I will change back!” read the tweet, issued from the account of the real estate mogul.

Perhaps Trump is just pandering to Ohioans and boning up his Republican bona fides. Maybe he is worried that his campaign is stalling out and attempting to get back on track with some old fashioned Obama bashing. Or maybe, just maybe he is a liberal spy after all trying to help Hillary, Bernie or Biden widen the inevitable Democratic landslide to come. Anyway, Trump is jumping on the outrage bandwagon this time rather than starting one of his own which feels a bit desperate for a campaign fueled almost exclusively on arrogance and bombast.

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  • nola878

    Perhaps Trump is just a douche bag opportunist…

    • The Original Just Me

      You could have left opportunist off from it.

  • Tommie

    He seems to think that if he does the exact opposite of Obama that it will be easy street to the White House!

  • William

    I’m guessing Captain Combover never heard of McKinley prior to a few days ago.

    • Carolina Gonzalez


  • Mike

    The Mountain has been named Denali for about 2k years…
    I lived in AK for 15 years and never heard anyone call it McKinley except tourists…it’s even called Denali National Park.
    Just faux outrage from the RWNJ’s

  • C’mon anybody who knows Donnie, knows he could never resist renaming Denali, Mount Trump.

  • Larry Schmitt

    There was no logical reason for it to be named after McKinley in the first place. He never visited Alaska, had no connection to it. The name was given by some prospector, and then confirmed by congress 20 years later. So if that prospector had been a supporter of William Jennings Bryan, McKinley’s opponent in the 1896 campaign, instead of a McKinley man, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. And how is the reputation of Ohio hurt by having the name of someone who died 120 years ago removed from a mountain? People in Ohio don’t really care, it’s only the politicians pandering for votes, as usual.

  • Suzanne McFly

    That is the reason I do not believe rumpster is running or ever was serious about running. If a politician is running for presidency, they research ideas and see which one is more favorable among the audience. rump refuses to “waste” any time doing any type of research and instead he just blurts out whatever comes into his brain.